Effective improvement for:

– Menstrual pain, light menstrual flow, irregular periods
– Sagging or non-firm breasts
– Vaginal discharge with odor, excessive discharge, clumpy discharge
– Decreased sexual performance
– Lack of lubrication during sex
– Frequent urinary tract infections
– Poor complexion
– Cold hands and feet
– Difficulty sleeping, frequent fatigue
– Mood swings
– Rapid aging and skin sagging
– Osteoporosis and bone density loss
– Weight gain and difficulty losing weight

Rumi: 21 sachets per box,
Two boxes can last for one month,
Up to two sachets per day
(Avoid taking during heavy menstrual flow)

1️⃣ Month adaptation period (2 boxes)
2️⃣ Months conditioning period (4 boxes)
3️⃣ Months improvement period (6 boxes) – complete treatment
6️⃣ Months transformation period (12 boxes)

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